Lighting Gels / Lighting Filter Colours

Lighting gel is a flexible polycarbonate or polyester material (similar to acetate) that can easily be cut to size for a wide range of applications. Originally designed to change the colour output of hot theatre lanterns, gels (also known as colour gels, colour filters or lighting gels) are now regularly used for live events, film, photography, architectural installations, art projects and increasingly colour correcting LED light sources. Coloured filters and gels complete your stage lighting design and help create the atmospheric lighting effects you need for a great performance. We have an enormous range- clicking on a colour from our gel selector below will filter the gel selection for gels within that colour range, selecting a different colour or clicking on it again will change the selection. You can also filter by colour effect, high temperature, technical and Diffusion gels. Gels can be sorted in either chromatic or numerical order.

Gel Sizes

Stage Depot holds a large stock of Rosco E-colour and Supergel lighting filters in both sheets and rolls-

    Rosco E-colour standard range:
  • Sheet: 21 x 48 inches (53cm x 122cm)
  • Roll: 48 inches x 25 feet (1.22m x 7.62m)
    Rosco Supergel high temperature range (identified by a # symbol before the colour number):
  • Sheet: 20 x 24inches (50cm x 61cm)
  • Roll: 24 inches 25 feet (61cm x 7.62m)

Please note that the colour filter samples shown on this website are the closest possible display colours and should be used as a guide only. E-colour (Full Range) Swatch Book and Supergel (High Temperature) Swatch Book colour sample books are available and are recommended for exact colour matching. N.B. Although designed for hot lanterns, gels should not directly touch a hot light source or glass.

Using Gel at home?

View our guide to warming / softening household lights to find out how to fix the harsh light produced by some domestic cool-white LEDs.

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