Projection and video screens

Whether looking for solutions for public presentations, theatre and event screens, or setting up a professional home cinema, our range of Projection Screens have got you covered.

Custom made projection screens

We offer a range of industry approved Projection Screens used for a wide variety of applications. Available unfinished in various widths, priced by the metre. Projector screen sizes differ between materials on the roll, but can also be custom made as fully finished bespoke screens with options such as eyelets and pockets, made to almost any size! Just get in touch.

For help deciding which projector screen is best for you, please see our Guide to Projection Screen, where you can also get a quote for a custom projection screen, and Projection Screen FAQs for further information on our range of screens.

Available finishes for our projector screens

Stage Depot Projection Screens are available in a variety of different colour materials, from Twin White, suitable for both Front and Rear Projections, to Rear Black, which is darker and easier to conceal as part of your set design. See our other Propmaking Materials, Paints and Glazes & Coatings to bring your stage scenery to life.

Custom screens can be finished with a number of different fixings, so please see the 'Available Finishes' section in our guide which can give you helpful ideas on how to rig a screen. For instance, options such as pipe pockets are popularly used in the bottom edge to provide weight and tension. Eyelets along the top could be how to hang a projector screen from the ceiling, or from Curtain Track, such as Doughty Rail or Studio Rail.

Our portable projector screens

Other options include Manual Projection Screens and Portable Projection Screens. Manual Screens are a premade, pull down screen for projectors, ideal for offices or classroom overhead projectors. We also supply portable fast fold projection screens, such as the DMT Fast-Setup Projection Screen Pro, perfect for conferences, events and temporary outdoor cinemas.

Projector paints

Paint For Pros Beamer Projection Paint is a video projector paint with great reflective qualities. For projecting onto walls and curved surfaces, where you can’t easily install a taut projection screen. Turn any smooth surface into a projection screen. Projector screen paint gives you more options when deciding between projection screen vs wall.