PPE for stage and studio

At Stage Depot, we prioritise your staff's protection with our high-quality PPE, which is designed to last. We are experts in the stage and studio industry priding ourselves on the products we stock, which all adhere to the high safety standards of the events industry.

Take your event safety to the next level with our wide range of protective equipment. We stock many PPE items such as safety gloves, safety helmets, ear protectors and safety spectacles.

Our range of safety protective equipment

Our personal protective essentials ensure safety with no compromising on functionality. At Stage Depot, we care about safety and are committed to safety being a priority in all of our stage and theatre supplies. Elevate your events safety measures with our high-quality equipment. Take a look at our vast collection of PPE below, or get in contact with us today.

Safety work gloves

At Stage Depot, our work gloves are designed with maximum comfort, protection and agility. They are made with premium materials to stand the test of time. We stock various gloves,
including fingerless gloves, disposable gloves, and tradesman gloves, available in multiple different colour options.

Safety helmets for the events industry

Protect your staff from head injuries caused by accidents such as falling objects, electrical emergencies or sharp objects with our hard-wearing safety helmets.

Browse our wide collection of helmets today from one of the leading safety manufacturers, Portwest, which meets industry standards.

Hearing protection

Our selection of ear plugs and ear defenders are designed to protect ears from high-volume event environments. They are made to the highest standard with staff safety and protection in mind. Manufactured by Portwest, our hearing PPE are compatible with our construction helmets and made to last.

Safety goggles

Shield your staff’s eyes with our wide range of safety spectacles. We stock a wide range of goggles from Portwest at Stage Depot, designed for comfort and maximum protection.

Safety essentials from Stage Depot

Our personal protective equipment (PPE) caters for every eventuality to protect your staff and audiences before and during showday. We are dedicated to your event's safety and ensuring it runs smoothly. Our team is always available to provide technical guidance and answer any questions.

Choose our next-day options for swift delivery of our safety equipment, or contact us today, where our team can assist you promptly.