Stage rigging equipment

At Stage Depot we understand the importance of having the best kit for the job. When you’re up against it with a tight schedule and a show about to go live, you need to know your equipment and hardware is high quality and reliable.

As stage equipment experts we only stock the best professional products, suitable for any budget. Browse our range of industry standard equipment, whether you’re looking for spanners, podger, starcloths, staging hardware, rigging or fittings.

Our range of stage hardware and tools

Find the right stage hardware for your production. We’re one of the UK’s leading stage and theatre equipment suppliers and our expert team is always on hand to give you advice on the ideal hardware for your show. Get in touch today.

Browse our wide range of lighting and rigging equipment below. We stock stage tools such as DMX testers or allen keys and scenery fixings such as plates, plugs and pelmets.

If you’re looking for larger hardware, such as stage packs, or guardrails and trusses we stock a variety and can also supply heavy duty clamps and rope slings too.

Browse our range of event equipment below.

Find the right tool, curtain track, staging or rigging equipment for your theatre or stage event and ensure your event hardware works hard ensuring your event runs as smoothly as possible.

Stage rigging and tools from Stage Depot

Complete your event set-up with our professional grade rigging, staging hardware and equipment. Our experts at Stage Depot are always available to answer any questions you might have on the best tools for the job and all of our products are high-quality, ensuring they’re durable and long-lasting.

With next-day delivery options available, we can get you the right product in no time. Speak to our team and we’ll be happy to help.