Gel Kits & Accessories

Alongside our extensive range of lighting gels, we also offer a variety of pre-selected Lighting Filter Kits, Flash Packs and Blackout Foils to suit any film or photographic studio.

Lighting filter kits contain a selection of gels that lend themselves to a particular use, such as: LED Warm-up & LED Soften, Colour Correction, Diffusion and Photo Lighting.

Flash packs contain pre-selected coloured filters that attach directly onto a speedlight and are available in four separate kits: Beauty, CalColor, Digital After Dark and The Strobist Collection.

Blackout foil or "black wrap" is a non-adhesive matt black foil that is typically used for masking naturally lit areas such as windows and is ideal for blacking out areas where the lighting cannot be removed.

View our guide to warming / softening household lights to find out how to fix the harsh light produced by some domestic cool-white LEDs.