Stage tape products

View our wide range of professional grade Electrical PVC, dance floor, fluorescents and other theatrical tapes from some of the industries most trusted manufacturers such as; Advance,Le mark, Rosco and Reliable Source.

Dance Floor Tape

We offer a wide range of different dance floor tapes for both joining seams together and for keeping your dance floor stuck down. Our high tak and low residue tapes help to make sure your dance and chroma key floor remain secure. The multiple PVC dance floor tapes we offer help to secure joins and the wide range of colours and options we supply will help to match your desired colours.

Electrical Tape

The PVC electrical tapes are ideal for insulating cables, marking locations on both stage and trusses and for keeping cables secure and tidy while setting up a rig. The PVC tape is very durable while also being able to be written on. These tapes are available in both 19mm or 50mm and in a wide range of different colours.

Gaffer Tapes

The Gaffer tapes listed on our website are a professional grade tape that are durable and water resistant but also can easily be torn by hand. The tapes are great for marking locations on sets while also helping to manage cables and great for use in both film and TV as well as on stage.