Theatre special effects

Explore our range of special effects supplies

If you are looking for ways to elevate your lighting effects on stage, or for a blast of excitement at an event, our special effects range of products is sure to give you some creative inspiration.

Confetti cannon special effect machines

DMX controllable confetti cannons offer a way to mesmerise an audience, by filling the air with colourful confetti at the perfect moment. Nothing sparks emotion like confetti and we stock a range of different colours and shapes of flame resistant confetti to keep your cannon refilled.

Special effects with mirrorballs and motors

No musical event is complete without a mirrorball. Mirrorballs and motors are available in all different sizes, from smaller 20cm mirroballs all the way up to large 100cm mirrorballs . Shine a moving head spotlight or LED pinspot at your rotating mirrorball and watch as you transfix the audience.

Lazer event special effects

Our selection of lasers come with different colour diodes, including a selection of RGB laser fixtures, are easy to use and can all be controlled via DMX.

Smoke effect spraycans

The unique Showtec Magican Hazecan offers fog in a spray can. This can be used to create wonderful stage effects, such as hairspray, and allows you to create special effects in smaller indoor venues, without needing to install a smoke machine, or having to handle containers of smoke fluid.