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Ageing Sprays

Our Dirty Down Ageing Spray selection includes a spray for any ageing effect, including mould, soot, ash, rust, nicotine-stained and muddy / dirtied clothes, whether you're a costume designer ageing garments, or a prop master creating aged scenery.

Snow and frost effect spray and more

Use Dirty Down Frost Effect Spray or FBX Snocene Artifical Snow Effect Spray to create fake snow effects on windows, sets and wintery stage design. Polyvine Glass Frosting creates the look of etched glass. Create frosted glass effects on windows, mirrors and any other glass or plastic surface with decorative stencil designs.

Kobweb Spray creates stunning fake spider webs, perfect for Hallowe'en displays and horror scenes.

Rosco FoamCoat and Rosco CrystalGel are hard, durable coatings for scenery design, which can be carved and sanded to into unique sculptures, ready to be painted with Rosco Scenic Paint and incorporated into your set or stage design.

Bonding adhesives

We also supply a range of adhesives, including Polyvine Metal Leaf Size and Rosco Flexbond.