FBX Snocene Artifical Snow Effect Spray

FBX Snocene Artifical Snow Effect Spray

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FBX's Snocene Spray is an aerosol spray used to create a semi-permanent decorative and flame resistant snow for practical effects. Used in Stage productions, TV and Films to create a realistic winter scape, Snocene spray is best suited for use on windows, mirrors, trees, foliage, decorations and other scenery.

  • Flame Resistant Snow (propellant is flammable but evaporates after a few minutes to leave snow flame resistant)
  • Perfect for film, tv, stage, exhibition, photography at Christmas or to give a realistic Winter look


  • Best results are obtained if can is warm. Keep can in normal warm room (20°C - 68°F) for several hours before use or warm the can in hand hot water (50°C. max.) for two minutes.
  • Shake can well. Spray with can upright from about 15 inches away. Build up with thin layers to avoid cracking particularly if can is cold.
  • After use invert can and spray to clear nozzle. In case of blockage nozzle and clear with pin.
  • Remove spray with plastic spatula or similar scraper. Clean any residues with hot soapy water or white spirit, turps or meths.
  • Do not spray on polished surfaces and sensitive materials. Try a small unobtrusive area first.
  • Due to environmental considerations the propellant is ozone-friendly but flammable. No C F C. The snow is non-toxic and flame resistant after gas evaporation (i.e. a few minutes)