250ml Pump Bottle of FBX Krystal Effect Frost Spray

FBX Krystal FX Frost Pump Spray 250ml

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FBX's Krystal FX Frost Effect Spray produces enchanting ice crystal and frost patterns on glass, mirrors, clear plastic (acetate, PVC, polyurethane), windows, glass doors, glass screens, and other suitable surfaces. It is quick and easy to apply semi-permanent, removable as required.

Can be used for special effects for the Stage, TV, Film, Photographic/Advertising studios. It is effective for decoration/signage/privacy, for domestic and trade use, shop window dressing, licensed premises, restaurants, winter frost and festive effects, museum/exhibition display, art and craft work, glass art/ornaments, paintings.



  • 1. Apply to a clean and dry surface sufficient to cover the selected area evenly - avoid bubbling. Wipe off excess from surrounds using a rag. Use with adhesive stencils/masking for pattern creation and lettering as required or paint free hand.
  • 2. With good drying conditions e.g. warm room temperature 20° C/68° F, lovely patterns start to emerge and fascinatingly spread across the area in say 5 - 10 minutes dependent on temperature.
  • 3. To speed the process, gently apply warm air from a hair dryer, heater, radiator etc. until the patterns start to emerge or gently warm the surface prior to application particularly with painting as you will need to see the more immediate effects. However care should be taken when applying direct heat to glass to avoid cracking, but just warming should not cause a problem.
  • 4. Heat tends to fix the patterns slightly more as does over spraying with suitable clear lacquer. Damp/wet conditions e.g. condensation, can cause some loss of pattern. In dry conditions the crystal effect can remain for months or even years.
  • 5. The beauty of Krystal FX is that it can provide a variety of patterns and effects varying with mode of application and speed of drying and it can be coloured. The crystal effect on glass is enhanced by front lighting but more particularly by back lighting with sunlight or artificial light (standard or coloured).
  • 6. A little practice gives scope for innovation when painting free hand and can become a fascinating pursuit in extending painting techniques and producing new effects and designs. FBX ‘resist’ solution can be used to form an edge to work to - and will rub off easily after the effect dries.
  • 7. Krystal FX can be used as a purely temporary effect say for winter/festive effects, privacy, vacant property, window-dressing etc. This can then be removed as required. For winter/festive effects used in conjunction with FBX Super Snocene Spray and glitter it gives a quality and lasting effect. 100ml. Krystal FX covers 2m². approx - depending on the method of application.
  • 8. Removal. Wash off with hot water/detergent and wipe clean with hot water/rag. Users are urged to carry out preliminary tests to confirm suitability for their purpose. No responsibility can be accepted for consequential loss.

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