XLR and DMX cables for theatre

Browse our extensive range of multiple different DMX data cables, XLR audio cables and other in line audio or data cables that can easily fit into any existing set up or a new one.

DMX Cables

Help to keep your show or event going with our wide range of high quality 3 and 5 pin DMX cables. All our DMX data cables feature a shielded inner core to protect them from interference and are compatible with almost every theatre light fixture.

DMX Jumpers Cables

Convert a 3 pin or 5 pin cable to whichever is required when installing new and existing lights into your setup with the multiple barrel style and cable DMX jumpers. Both can also easily be installed and are also ideal for being used alongside DMX testers.

Audio cables for theatres

Our 3 pin XLR audio cables are compatible with a wide range of wired XLR microphones and other 3 pin connections while the line audio cables features multiple different types of audio jack for connecting mixers and other audio equipment together.