Stage and Event Tools

As industry leaders in stage and event supplies, we know how crucial the right tools are and how they form part of the foundations of a stage set-up or disassembly process.

We stock the highest quality professional tools that any technician or production team might need. Our expert team at Stage Depot are also on hand to point you in the right direction of a specific tool or for advice on the right equipment. Get in touch today.

Our range of rigging tools for events

With a large selection of stage and event tools, we have a large range of stage tools and equipment to choose from. Ranging from spanners to podgers as well as allen keys, we stock a variety of tools suited to many stage and event requirements.

Browse our selection of tools or get in touch with our team to find out more.

Podgers for your production team

Browse our selection of podgers for tightening wires, stage assembly or deconstruction.

DMX testers for system management

We know how vital it is to maintain a consistent system performance during a show or event, which is why we only supply the highest quality industry leading DMX testers. These are multi-functional tools for managing fixtures and systems with DMX and RDM.

Audio equipment cases

Ensure you protect your valuable audio equipment with our waterproof and dustproof equipment storage cases.

Allen and hex keys

Always a core part of a tool kit, allen or hex keys are a small but vital tool for any event or production team.

Spanner tools

We stock a variety of spanner types to suit multiple needs when setting up, securing and dismantling events and show equipment. Our adjustable spanners save space in your toolkit by allowing you to adapt and adjust to the job at hand. Wingnut spanners are a lighting technician’s best friend but also will help anyone in the rigging industry.

Our Stage Depot Quad spanner is an incredible all rounder tool that will fit most common sizes of nut in the industry and is a must for a toolkit.

Stage tools from Stage Depot

Find the right equipment for the task at hand from our wide range of specialist stage and theatre tools. Our experts at Stage Depot are always available to answer any questions you might have and all of our products are high-quality, ensuring they’re durable and long-lasting. Speak to our team and we’ll be happy to help.