Safety equipment for stage and studio

At Stage Depot, we understand the importance of safety in event management and pride ourselves on being one of the leading suppliers of stage and studio equipment in the UK.

Elevate your event's safety standards with our wide range of safety essentials, made to the highest quality and to last. We stock many safety items, from inspection lamps and torchesto technician tool pouches and first aid kits.

We are one of the most prominent stage and theatre suppliers in the UK arts industry. Stage Depot is always available to answer any queries or problems you may have; we are here to help at any stage. Enhance your safety measures with our high-quality gear. Browse our wide range of stage safety equipment below, or contact us today.

Technician pouches

Our technician tool pouches are an essential addition to your stage tool kit to ensure a safe environment for your event. It is the perfect solution for carrying tools and keeping them in
one place so they are easily accessible at all times. Made with robust materials, they are designed to last with functionality at its core. We stock a range of pouches from some premium brands in the events industry including Dirty Rigger and pouches for your DMXCat.

Torches for stage

Light up your event safety procedures with Stage Depot’s wide range of torches. Designed to enhance visibility, our torches will ensure your event goes smoothly whether navigating backstage areas, responding to emergency situations or inspecting event venues.

Browse our wide collection of torches today including handheld torches and headlamps.

Cable ramps

Minimise pedestrian trips and falls and protect wires from traffic with our high-quality cable ramps. These are made from a robust rubber material that ensures flexibility and longevity.
They offer a reliable solution for your safety needs.

Tool bags

Our durable tool bags are designed to meet the toughest of weather conditions and enduring work standards. They are hard-wearing and built to last with a number of pockets and
storage spaces inside. At Stage Depot, we stock a wide range of technician tool bags to assist with your event safety procedures, ranging from Portwest to Dirty Rigger.

First aid kits for events

Ensure the well-being of your audience and staff for your event with our workplace first aid kits. They include items such as bandages, plasters, antiseptic wipes and other medical
necessities to treat minor injuries should they occur. We have a comprehensive range of first aid kits for any event situation. Browse our range today to achieve peace of mind for show day.

Safety essentials from Stage Depot

Our safety equipment is made of the highest quality to prevent any hazard or injury to your audience or staff members. At Stage Depot, we care about the wellbeing of your people and
have a team of experts dedicated to answering any questions you may have. Need help finding what you’re looking for? Our team can help.