Draping materials for the stage

Black drape material

Heavy duty draping material and casement

Black Wool Serge is our most popular material for theatre and events stage drapes. A flame retardant, blackout curtain, suitable for acoustic sound dampening. Available in full 50m rolls, in three grades: lightweight, standard, or heavyweight.

Black Casement Fabric is a cost-effective, lightweight material, very popular for those in the entertainment industry looking to mask off areas of a stage affordably. Stages can be huge, meaning big areas often need covering with lengths of black fabric. Material suitable for full light blocking is often more expensive, which gives casement fabric its place.

Black molten drapes in various sizes

Or if you are looking for a quick, off the shelf option, we also supply ready made, fire retardant Black Molten Drapes, in a variety of sizes, fully finished with velcro and eyelets along the top edge and hemmed along the bottom and sides.

Bespoke stage drapes

Get in touch with your material, size and specific requirements and we can manufacture bespoke, custom stage drapes and help specify any curtain / tab track or pipe and drape system you might need to go along with it.