Lighting gobos and projectors for theatre

Elevate your lighting display with our unparalleled collection of custom gobos and projectors. From intricate stencils to bold patterns, we have the perfect solution to help your creative vision come to life. At Stage Depot, we are strongly committed to quality, ensuring durability and exceptional performance across all of the products we stock.

As a leading name in stage and theatre equipment, we stock high-quality items ranging from custom gobos, projectors and gobos for rotation, breakups, abstracts and many more. Browse our wide collection of lighting today.

Our range of gobos

Transform your lighting experience with our first-grade solutions. Whether you’re an event planner or lighting professional, we have everything to meet your unique needs. Our dedicated team will support you if you can’t find what you are looking for, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Customise your lighting display

Unlock your creative outlet with our bespoke cut patterns and logos and help your vision come to life. Our custom gobos provide a personal touch to your event or theatre space and create the perfect ambience for your audience.

Choose from a range of materials, sizes and prices, each meeting the highest industry standards for longevity and clarity.

Project intricate patterns and designs

Our projectors are perfect for casting intricate patterns and designs when paired with our wide range of gobos. They can achieve an impressive array of colours, making them suitable for various events and venues. We stock a range of projectors from leading manufacturers and suppliers such as Chauvet, Elumen8 and Equinox.

Browse our comprehensive collection of dynamic lighting below.

Rotation stencils

Add movement and intrigue to your lighting display with our wide range of rotation gobos. These stencils seamlessly integrate into different lighting systems providing a dynamic environment to any space. Our lighting experts will be happy to assist you with any query you may have.

Breakup lighting

Add texture, depth, and drama to your visual narrative with our vast collection of breakup gobos. Our breakup lighting creates interesting patterns of highlights and shadows, ideal for theatrical productions and events. We stock the highest quality lighting equipment and accessories, and everything is manufactured with durability.

Lighting solutions from Stage Depot

Elevate your event and theatre experience with our lighting solutions from Stage Depot, renowned for precision and durability. Our knowledgeable team is always there to assist you if you need any help.

You can rest assured that you will receive your items in no time with our trusted next-day delivery options. Contact us today and we will be happy to help.