Custom Gobos

Your design on a Gobo

Looking for your own image on a custom Gobo?

Maybe your company logo or something for that special event, a wedding or birthday. Perhaps you have a specific project in mind. Whatever the occasion, we can make the perfect gobo for you.

Gobo Types

Steel Gobo Glass Gobo

Steel Gobo

Glass Gobo
  • Cost effective way of projecting your logo or image
  • Bridging may be required using suspension wires to allow certain shapes or lettering
  • Compatible with a wide variety of Projectors as industry standard, available in a variety of sizes
  • High quality multi or full colour imaging possible
  • No bridging is required allowing for a clear and accurate representation
  • Compatibility is limited by projector type although most do have specialist glass Gobo holders

Gobo Pricing

Gobo Type First Gobo Copy Gobo
Steel Gobo £59.75
(£71.70 inc VAT)
(£19.50 inc VAT)
Steel Gobo
Black & White Glass £78.00
(£93.60 inc VAT)
(£46.80 inc VAT)
Black & White Glass
One Colour Glass £94.00
(£112.80 inc VAT)
(£60.00 inc VAT)
One Colour Glass
Two Colour Glass £138.00
(£165.60 inc VAT)
(£118.80 inc VAT)
Two Colour Glass
Three Colour Glass £204.00
(£244.80 inc VAT)
(£186.00 inc VAT)
Three Colour Glass
Multi-Colour Glass £260.00
(£312.00 inc VAT)
(£219.60 inc VAT)
Multi-Colour Glass

Gobo Enquiries

Maybe you're not sure what size Gobo you need for your lantern, or you're looking to order a projector and aren't sure where to start?

Our team will help you bring your ideas to life and work out the best solutions for your needs. Just fill out the contact form and one of our friendly sales team will get back to you ASAP, or call us on +44 (0)1173 250 336.

Please click here to contact us regarding your custom gobo requirements.