Theatre curtain track systems

Finding the right curtain track system is important to transform, manage and partition your stage, studio or event space. At Stage Depot we source the highest quality curtain track systems from one of the leading UK suppliers Doughty.

As stage equipment experts we stock a range of key curtain track products such as studio rails, six track systems, Eurotrack products and accessories to support all of these items. Browse our range of industry leading stage curtain tracks and track systems.

Doughty curtain tracks

Doughty is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of stage and theatre curtain tracks. Also covering an international market too, Doughty meets high standards and with years of experience creates and supplies the best event curtain tab track systems and accessories. Find the right track systems for your event needs. Get in touch today.

Browse our wide range of theatre and studio track systems below.

Studio rails

Studio rails allow you to suspend not only a drape but also to raise a pantograph or studio lighting fixture. If you simply want to hang a curtain over a window or maybe partition off a workspace, the Doughty Rail system is the ideal option. Similar to a domestic curtain rail, this robust curtain track offers versatility and adaptability when hanging Drapes in any room.

Six track kits

Six track kits are ideal for refitting a venue where you require theatre and stage curtains. You can also reconfigure or add to a pre-existing six track system using accessories. Our Doughty Six Track product can provide the perfect solution as well as our Doughty Six Track Accessories.
Choose from a wide selection of pre-made Doughty Six Track Kits. These include: Doughty Six Track Walkalong (Tab Track) Kit, Doughty Line Operated Six Track (Tab Track) Kit with Overlap and Doughty Line Operated Six Track (Tab Track) Kit.


Support and accessorise your curtain tracks with our Eurotrack products such as the Ballast bag and sliding nut.

Curtain track systems from Stage Depot

Transform your studio or theatre space with high quality curtain track systems that are certain to last. Our expert team at Stage Depot are always on hand to answer any questions you might have around your requirements and can offer technical advice.

With next-day delivery options available, we can get you the right product in no time. Speak to our team and we’ll be happy to help.