Safety shoes for stage and studio

At Stage Depot, we care about the safety of your staff and strive to provide top-quality gear to prevent foot injuries in the workplace. As a top supplier of stage and theatre equipment across the UK, we understand the importance of safety and having the most hard-wearing, reliable equipment for the job.

Elevate your event safety with our range of shoe options, including worker boots, steel toe trainers and steel-toe cap shoes. Our collection ensures that your team will be equipped with compliant footwear that lives up to the heavy demands of the arts industry.

Our range of trainers and boots

We are committed to making your event run smoothly and operate in a safe environment. Whether you're overseeing intricate setups or managing backstage, our worker shoes offer a reliable shield for your feet.

Our safety equipment is always crafted with durability and quality in mind by a leading manufacturer in event safety, Portwest.

Industry certified boots

All of our work safety boots are CE-certified and have a protective toe cap to prevent any
injury from falling or sharp objects. We stock several waterproof options, available in men's
and women's sizes. Each pair is made to protect without compromising comfort and agility.
Browse our comprehensive collection of boots below.

Style without compromising on comfort

Offering a stylish alternative to safety boots, our trainers serve the same purpose with the
same level of protection but are more suitable for everyday wear. Portwest has created a
variety of options that offer a sleek look without compromising on protection.

Every pair we stock is fitted with a steel toe cap and a slip-resistant sole to ensure stability in
all event environments. Choose from our selection, which is available in men's and women's
sizes and several colour options.

Safety footwear from Stage Depot

Step into a safe event environment with our hard toe footwear, which adheres to events and
stage standards. At Stage Depot, we have a dedicated team behind you, ready to answer
any queries. If you’re stuck or can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get
in touch

We want to ensure your event setup and production go as smoothly as possible. Select our
next-day delivery options for fast delivery to get you the correct products on time.