High-quality chroma key products

Chroma key equipment for green screen

Whether you’re building a film set, shooting a music video or you’re an Internet vlogger, when it comes to chroma key supplies, we’ve got everything you need. Our chroma key products are well regarded within the film & TV industry and are used in green / blue screen setups all around the world. We offer a wide selection of professional, industry approved chroma key green screen products, such as green and blue screen paint, for creating green or blue screen backgrounds.

Professional green screen paint

Our range of Chroma Key (Green / Blue) and HD Digital Chroma Key Paints (Green / Blue) are regularly used throughout the film and TV world. Favoured by the BBC and film studios such as Pinewood and Elstree and many other of the UK’s better known studios. Whether you’re filming the next blockbuster movie or simply live streaming from your home, we’ve got it covered.

Chroma key drapes, tape and flooring for professional green screen studios

Often production will demand that the floor also be visible in your chroma key backgrounds, and for this we supply Chroma Key Floor, such as Rosco Reversible Chroma Key Blue / Green Floor - a non-permanent, portable, easy to clean and maintain chroma key vinyl, designed with both large and small studios in mind.

Plus, our range of Chroma Key Tapes are the ideal compliment to any green / blue screen environment.

Sometimes a painted green or blue screen chroma key background is not a feasible option and the studio may need a non-permanent solution. Those in said situation would install a green or blue Chroma Key Drape to a new or existing Curtain / Tab Track system to create a retractable, pull-out chroma key wall. We supply Rosco Chroma Key Green Drape per linear metre, as well as full (150cm x 50m) rolls of Stage Depot Chroma Key Wool Serge in Green or Blue.

Both of these options can also be custom made to your desired size, along with any finishes required for your rig. Contact Us with the details and we can provide a quote.