Stage audio & PA equipment

Stage audio and PA systems are critical components of any live performance or event. A good PA system allows performers to be heard clearly and ensures that the audience can fully enjoy the experience. At Stage Depot, we offer a wide range of stage audio and PA products to suit every need, from small speakers for intimate gatherings to large, powerful systems for theatres, concerts and festivals.

Whether you need a single microphone for a Karaoke night or you're wanting to kit out your venue with a complete audio & PA sound system, Stage Depot has got you covered.

Audio & PA Supplies

At Stage Depot, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive selection of audio and PA supplies, meeting the needs of musicians, event planners, audio engineers and more. Our inventory includes everything from Microphones and Speakers to Mixers and Amplifiers. We carry products from top brands, all known for their exceptional sound quality and durability, so you can be confident that you're investing in equipment that will deliver a reliable performance time and time again.

Browse our range of audio and PA equipment below.

Types of audio & PA equipment

At Stage Depot, we offers a range of audio products to include microphones, speakers, mixers & comms. Working closely with some of the industries leading manufactures, we can supply everything you need.

Stage Microphones

Our microphone range features products for all kinds of performances and events. Whether you’re looking for a wireless microphones or a condenser microphone, mic stands and accessories, you can turn to Stage Depot to find the right mic for you.

Audio & Sound Mixers

Studio mixers are key to creating the best sound for your event and shouldn’t be overlooked. That’s why we offer a wide range for a variety of projects, including analogue mixers and compact audio mixers.


Here at Stage Depot, we supply a huge range of active speakers, passive speakers and subwoofers to suit any professional stage speaker system.

Theatre Comms System

Check out our fantastic range of wireless theatre communication systems, ideal for any theatre or venue where wireless, long range communication is required.

Just some of our suppliers

Why not check out our selection of mixing desks from Citronic or our vast array of MP3 & CD player, digital tuners and Bluetooth receivers from Denon. Take a look at our collection of both active and passive speakers from JBL. We also stock the full spectrum of back stage comms equipment from Tecpro.

Professional Audio & PA equipment from Stage Depot

When looking for the best sound system for theatre, events or stage use, come to the experts here at Stage Depot. Here you'll find professional products suitable for any budget, with expert advice and support. With next-day delivery options available, we can get you the right product in no time. Speak to our team and we’ll be happy to help.