Scenic stage effects and equipment

Scenic effects are used to elevate a stage production from a simple audio and light show into something truly unique and creatively diverse. At Stage Depot, we offer scenic and special effects products to help give you that creative inspiration, from a full range of scenic paints and propmaking materials, to lasers and smoke machines designed to captivate audiences.

Whether you are looking for a suitable pot of paint for your favourite hobby, chroma key materials to create your own green screen studio, or a complete range of scenic design products for your next big stage show, Stage Depot has got you covered.

Special effects for the stage

At Stage Depot, we offer an extensive range of professional scenic products, benefitting the likes of production designers, set decorators, prop makers and hobbyists. In our stock you'll find all you need as a professional or aspiring scenic artist, from supersaturated artists pigment paint to sculpting materials and costume ageing sprays. Stage technicians are sure to find all they need in our selection of smoke machines and special effects.

Browse our range of scenic and effects equipment below.

Our range of scenic effects

We offer a comprehensive selection of equipment and materials to bring any production to life. Smoke machines can help highlight your stage lighting. Paints and glazes, fabrics and even video projection screens can be an essential part of your production design - on stage, or in the film & TV studio.

Projection Screens are available unfinished in various widths, or as custom made bespoke screens, finished and made to almost any size. For help deciding which projector screen is best for you, please see our Guide to Projection Screen and Projection Screen FAQs for further information.

Our Rosco range of scenic paints includes the Rosco Supersaturated artists pigment paint. This highly pigmented water based acrylic paint is uniquely formulated to be diluted with water and is available in over 30 colours, all of which are intermixable and will give predictable results. For more details on the colours available, see our Rosco Paint Colour Chart.

We also provide Smoke fluid (also known as fog fluid) from multiple manufacturers, including Chauvet DJ, Antari, Martin and more. You can also try our very own Stage Depot smoke fluids, a premium range that includes a smoke machine liquid for every type of water-based smoke, haze and effects machine.

Professional scenic & special effects products from Stage Depot

When looking for the best in scenic and effects products, be it smoke machines and fluid, professional green screen paint, or custom sized projection screens, come to the experts at Stage Depot. Here you'll find professional products suitable for any budget, with expert advice and support. With next-day delivery options available, we can get you the right product in no time. Speak to our team and we’ll be happy to help.