Photo Studio & Film

Browse our selection of photographic studio lights and LED lighting for filmmaking, such as the Showtec Media Panel and full colour DMG Lumière Mini Mix by Rosco.

With Rosco DMG tech you can accurately match pre-existing Rosco Lighting Gels, including E-Colour+ and Supergel Swatch Books. Bolster your workflow and previsualise your colours on set using the handy Rosco DMG MIXBOOK Digital Swatchbook.

Discover our additional Gel Kits & Accessories including Lighting Filter Kits and Blackout Foils ideal for creating the perfect shot in any studio.

Most our LED studio lights can be controlled with DMX. Find the perfect DMX Controller for your studio film lighting set up. The Rosco DMG DASH Pocket LED with CRMX can even be controlled wirelessly with wireless CRMX Transmitter and Receivers, such as the Swisson XWL Series CRMX LumenRadio Program.

Get the most out of your studio rig: Doughty Pantographs are ideal for film, TV or photography studios, giving you freedom of placement of your lighting fixtures. See our additional Hardware for other possibilities for improving your studio.

The affordable CHAUVET DJ Cast Panel Pack consists of two studio LED lights, tripod stands and carry cases, perfect for home studio filming or as lighting for vloggers. Looking to set up a green screen studio, or create green screen YouTube videos at home? Our professional range of green screen chroma key products can help.