Stage lighting

Stage lighting does more than just light up a stage - it helps set the scene, direct the audience’s focus and adds to the overall atmosphere. At Stage Depot, we offer a variety of theatre and stage lights to meet your requirements, from high-quality theatre lights and dimmers to DMX controllers and consumables.

If you already have a stage lighting rig installed but want to enhance their effects, then we also stock a wide variety of coloured lighting gels and gobos.

Stage lighting supplies

When it comes to stage lighting supplies, Stage Depot lead the way when it comes to quality and variety. Our theatre stage lighting range contains a wide selection of high-quality systems and parts, making it easier to find exactly what you need when it comes to theatre lighting, gear and accessories.

Browse our range of stage lights and equipment below.

Types of stage lighting

At Stage Depot, we stock multiple types of stage lighting to help you achieve your vision. Whether you want to bring colour and atmosphere to the stage to captivate audiences or have precise control over lighting temperatures, we've got the stage lighting type you need.

There are many different types of lighting in theatre, including:

We also have a wide range of lighting gels to give effects and colour for every atmosphere. Click through to our lighting gel page to see the wealth of colours we have available.

For moments where coloured theatre lighting isn’t enough, gobos can enhance your lighting gel effects by shaping and breaking the light into an infinite number of patterns. Designed for use with our theatre profiles and moving heads, beautifully replicate seasonal changes, intricate settings or even just a simple window effect with one of our designs.

Professional stage lighting from Stage Depot

When looking for the best theatre lights, event lighting or stage lighting, come to the experts here at Stage Depot. Here you'll find professional products suitable for any budget, with expert advice and support. With next-day delivery options available, we can get you the right product in no time. Speak to our team and we’ll be happy to help.