Stage Effects Machines

Our range of stage effect machines

Create smoke, haze, snow, bubbles, giant vertical plumes of smoke, or low hanging fog on the theatre stage, in the film studio, at a party, or a huge event.

Everything from a small smoke machine to a professional stage hazer seen at giant events. Whether it's a smoke machine for a party or a stage smoke machine you'll use to fill a venue, our selection has what you need.

Don't forget to pick up the right fluid for your machine. We supply a variety of fog machine fluid from multiple manufacturers, including Stage Depot, Chauvet DJ, Antari, Martin and more.

Remote control and wireless stage effect machines

Some machines can be fired with compatible wireless fog machine remotes and most can be controlled by DMX, straight from your light control console, wired via DMX cable.

Utilising a DMX-controllable stage fan will give you more control over the loft and hang time of your stage haze.

Fog machines for stage and events

Click through to our range of foggers, including the popular and high output Martin JEM ZR45 Smoke Machine and CHAUVET DJ Hurricane 1600.

Start browsing our selection of premium smoke and fog fluids here.

Haze machines for events and parties

Browse our range of stage hazers, including the professional Smoke Factory Tour Hazer II and CHAUVET Professional Amhaze ECO.

Start browsing our selection of fluid for haze machines here.