214 Full Tough Spun Lighting Gel

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Roll or sheet of 214 Full Tough Spun Rosco E-Colour+ lighting filter / gel.

Softens light and reduces intensity. A slight diffuser. Softens edge, yet beam shape is maintained. Manufactured from non-woven Polyester.

E-Colour+ is Rosco's comprehensive system of European colour filters for film, theatre and video production. E-Colour+ includes different filters and materials for colour correction, colour effects, diffusion and reflection. They're manufactured with the latest dye formulations and bonding technology to assure the highest levels of reliability and performance. E-Colour+ filters are available in 48 inch by 25 foot rolls as well as 21 by 48 inch sheets.

Because both the Rosco E-Colour and the LEE gel lines use the European gel numbering system, E-Colour #214: Full Tough Spun is equivalent to LEE #214.

Please note that the colour filter samples shown on this website are the closest possible display colours and should be used as a guide only. Colour swatch sample books are available and are recommended for exact colour matching.

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