Stage Depot High Density Smoke Fluid 5L

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High quality fog fluid for water-based stage foggers

A dense, high output smoke fluid with a long hang time, designed for professional use on stage, at concerts and arenas.

Stage Depot High Density Smoke Fluid is a high quality, dense smoke fluid designed for professional use on stages, in clubs and discotheques. This product has a long hang time and brilliant white opaque output.

This product has been formulated to be chemically identical to Martin Professional RUSH & THRILL Fog Fluid (formerly Regular DJ Mix, RUSH Fog and RUSH ELX Smoke Fluids).

While economical, it is perfect for medium-density airborne fog effects with medium hang time and leaves no residues. Stage Depot High Density Smoke Fluid is designed for use in the Martin range of foggers, including JEM ZR45 and THRILL Vertical Fogger, and almost all other water-based smoke machines.

Key Features of Stage Depot High Density Smoke Fluid

  • Water-based fluid formula leaves little residue.
  • Produced with ultra-pure, de-ionised water.
  • Long hang time maintains fog for extended time.
  • Smoke output ghost white in colour.
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable and unscented.

Features and benefits

Fluid that works with most water-based fog machines
Stage Depot High Density Smoke Fluid is a water-based formulation, compatible with most water-based foggers.
Create dense smoke effects on stage
Ideal for creating high-density, long-hanging smoke effects on stage, at live events, gigs, concerts, and clubs.
More fluid for a cheaper price
Additional discount provided for purchasing in box quantities of 4x5L.


Stage Depot High Density Smoke SDS

High Density Smoke Safety Data Sheet (COSHH)

This product is manufactured using high grade chemical components to ensure a very high quality product with virtually no bacteria or mineral content.

Smoke Fluid Cleanup

If spilt, absorb into dry earth or sand. Transfer to a closable, labelled salvage container for disposal by an appropriate method. Wash the spillage site with large amounts of water.

The product will not be dangerous to the environment when diluted in waste water systems and may be disposed of as low-hazard chemical waste within the scope of national and local regulations/permits.

A Stage Depot FX fluid for every type of water-based effects machine

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