Trade customer enquiry form

Stage Depot defines a trade customer as a business operating from a registered business address, who will use the products purchased from Stage Depot for the purposes of resale, hire and/or install to end users. By definition, the trade customer will be knowledgeable about the products it purchases from Stage Depot. It is preferable for the trade customer to hold stock, in order to service their customers without sole reliance on Stage Depot and its stocks. The trade customer should also be able to provide some measure of technical knowhow and after-sales support to its customers, with support from Stage Depot where needed. Finally, it is expected that the trade customer provides friendly and dependable service to its customers. All business-to-business sales will be subject to our ‘General Business Terms & Conditions’ which differ from the terms and conditions laid out on the website.
A trade account will be considered at the point of an initial order; please enquire for a quote.