Martin RUSH & THRILL Haze Fluid (RUSH Haze, Pro Haze, RUSH ELX Haze)

Martin RUSH & THRILL Haze Fluid (RUSH Haze, Pro Haze, RUSH ELX Haze)

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Specially formulated for the range of hazers including ZR 24/7 and Magnum Hazer, RUSH & THRILL Haze Fluid (Formerly RUSH Haze, JEM Pro Haze, RUSH ELX Haze) and is also ideal for use with the Roadie X-Stream when in Haze mode. A fine optically transparent airborne medium is produced with a light to medium index of refraction - ideal for beam projection. Available in 5L, and 2.5L containers.

RUSH & THRILL Haze Fluid is a specially formulated water-based haze fluid formula and is recommended for use with applicable Martin haze effect generators. It gives a fine, optically transparent airborne medium with a light-to-medium index of refraction that is ideal for highlighting beam and aerial FX projections whilst leaving little to no residue behind. RUSH & THRILL Haze Fluid is designed as an economy haze fluid that is suitable for use in nightclubs, bars, stage and outdoor events.

  • Water-based fluid formula leaves little residue
  • Produced with ultra-pure, de-ionised water
  • Long hang time maintains haze for extended time
  • White smoke colour
  • Available in various size containers to suit your needs
  • Actors’ Equity and Broadway League approved
  • For use in all compatible Martin haze effect generators