FBX Kobweb Artifical Cobweb Effect Spray

FBX Kobweb Artifical Cobweb Effect Spray

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FBX's Kobweb Spray is an aerosol spray used to create realistic and flame resistant cobwebs for practical effects. Used in Stage productions, TV and Films worldwide including 'The Mummy' and 'Harry Potter' franchises to create an aged and unkept scene, Kobweb spray is versatile and regarded as the industry standard. Kobweb spray is perfect for Halloween to add some extra depth to your decorations, and is also popular among photographers looking to create the right ambience.

  • Flame Resistant Spray
  • Perfect for film, tv, stage, exhibition, photography, halloween, museums and castles


  • Ventilate area when spraying and avid excess inhalation of vapour. If there is no ventilation then use a self contained breathing apparatus
  • Stand well back from where webs will land (about 1 metre) so that solvent has time to evaporate and filaments form before landing. Shake can vigorously. Spray with vigorous side to side motion of can. After use invert can and spray to clear nozzle
  • Use FBX Snocene Aerosol lightly sprayed to emphasise the effect if desired
  • Web unmolested will normally last for weeks. Dry filaments will clean off readily.
  • Storage

    Cold cans may not give best effect due to pressure drop. Leave cans in warm (office temp 20°C) room for a day before use or carefully stand can in warm water (max 50°C hand hot) for 3 mins, do not overheat.