Theatre and stage paint

Browse our range of high-quality stage and events paints

A selection of professional scenic paints from some of the industry's most trusted manufacturers, such as: Rosco, Polyvine, Mylands and Coo-Var. Set and stage paint for theatre and scenic stage painting. If you're looking to create a piece of scenic art or to paint your stage floor black, we have the paint for you.

We stock the highest quality of scenic paints ranging from our supersaturated scenic artist pigment paints through to fluorescent acrylic paint that fluoresce vividly under UV to create stunning effects. Professional quality primers, wood coatings and glazes are also available.

Super-saturated theatre paint and other scenic paints

The Rosco range of scenic paints include Supersaturated, Fluorescent and Off Broadway paints, as well as Video Paint for film and television studios and Rosco Tough Prime primer for acrylic paint.

Rosco Supersaturated is a highly pigmented water based acrylic paint, uniquely formulated to be diluted with water. Dilute minimally with water to achieve saturated, deep colours, or dilute heavily to achieve translucent colour effects and glazes. A versatile and economic paint for any artists kit and for all scenic painting techniques, for stage, studio, film and TV.

Supersaturated is available in over 30 colours, from Cerulean Blue to Velour Black, all of which are intermixable and will give predictable results. For more details on the colours available, see our Rosco Paint Colour Chart.

For a flame retardant finish when using powder or concentrated scenic paints, consider diluting them with Firecheck™ instead of with water.

Metallic stage paint colours with a true metallic sheen effect

We stock a wide range of the highest quality metallic paints in the industry, sourced from a handful of the UK’s most trusted manufacturers such as Mylands Paint and Polyvine.

The Polyvine Metallic acrylic paint range is made up of 7 rich colours, each with a sleek, shimmering finish that dries to a polished lustre. All are fully intermixable with Polyvine Acrylic Colourants and Polyvine Multi Surface Enamel Paint to create your own unique pastel or metallic colours.

Explore our range of video and green screen paint, plus supplies for set design and propmaking

View our range of chroma key materials, including chroma key / green screen paint, such as the popular Rosco Chroma Key Green Paint.

We also stock other Propmaking Materials for scenic stage work, including Dirty Down Aging Sprays and other Effects Sprays.

Brushes, graining tools, accessories and other painting materials are also available.