Event rigging

We understand the importance of having the right tools for the job at Stage Depot. Our event rigging and lifting equipment and accessories ensure seamless and robust event set-ups so that you can have peace of mind on show day. As experts in stage rigging and equipment, we stock a wide range of premium tools such as lifting slings, lifting hoists, shackles, clamps and many more. Our products are made with durability and precision to meet professional rigging standards.

Our range of stage rigging tools and accessories

As a prominent supplier in the UK for stages and theatre equipment, we boast an impressive track record in the field of event rigging. We're always available to answer any questions and can work closely with you to ensure a successful event production.

Browse our wide range of rigging equipment below or contact our team today.

Lifting hoists

Our lifting hoists are engineered with safety as our top priority. Whether you're suspending lighting, audio equipment, or elaborate stage set-ups, our hoists deliver the strength and precision required for flawless execution. Their robust construction and advanced features will ensure a secure and efficient lifting process for stage production.

Lifting slings

Find the right sling for secure and efficient load distribution for your stage set-up. Our high-quality slings are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the event industry, offering a sturdy solution for suspending lighting, audio gear, and stage components.

Ratchet straps

Our ratchet straps provide an efficient and secure solution for fastening and securing loads in diverse event set-ups. Browse our range today; we stock a wide collection of ratchet straps capable of handling weights up to 2000 kg.


Link and suspend equipment in various event environments with our rigging shackles. Designed with durability in mind, they stand up to the heavy demands of event set-ups.

Event rigging and accessories from Stage Depot

Get peace of mind with our premium rigging stage equipment, perfect for any event or studio. At Stage Depot, we have a team of dedicated team who are always available to answer any questions. All of our rigging equipment is durable and of the highest quality. Take advantage of our next-day delivery options to get the perfect solution for your event and stage needs. Speak to our team today.