Mylands Red Polish

Mylands Red Polish 500ml can be used to tint other polishes in the Mylands Shellac Polish range

Mylands Red Polish

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Tinted to a strong red colour and can be used to tint other polishes in the Mylands Shellac Polish range.

Mylands Shellac Polishes

Although French polish is the general term for all types of Shellac Polish, it is also a Shellac Polish colour in its own right.

Mylands' range contains many blends of Shellac Polish which have been developed over the years to fulfil various different requirements – some of which are slightly modified products for a specific purpose.

They come in various depths of colour, which give the French Polisher latitude to choose the most appropriate product for the timber being polished.

Shellac products have a variety of uses from finishing antiques and reproduction furniture to acting as a non-reactive barrier between two normally incompatible finishes. They are particularly useful when refurbishing furniture as they will seal in any wax product which may have been applied to the furniture in the past.

Drying Time

Touch dry in approximately 15 minutes and denibbable for recoating in approximately 30 minutes at 20°C.


The coverage of these products is variable and is dependant on various factors, such as porosity of timber, application method, etc.